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Timelines for Secondary April Report Cards.

Quadmester 3 ends Wednesday, April 21. The April 29th report card includes, final marks for Quadmester 3 courses, final marks for Civics/Careers for the second octomester in quad 3, mid-term marks for Semester 2 eLearning courses and mid-term marks for Semester 2 Special Education Learn@Home classes.
Semester mid-term marks for eLearning and special education courses must be stored before Quadmester 3 final marks are stored. eLearning and special education marks due and stored at the delivery schools, 9:00 am Tuesday, April 27.
Final store of Quadmester 3 courses 9:00 am Wednesday, April 28. Schools can print report cards for signing after this final storing of grades. Upload marks to OCAS and OUAC, Wednesday, April 28. Schools distribute report cards to students, Thursday, April 29.

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