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SCDSB Night School Marks Imported

SCDSB Night School Semester 2 final marks have been imported into PowerSchool Historical Grades

End-of-Year Process Information

Information for end-of-year tasks have been posted to the PowerSchool page on the staff website. To access the document click on one of the following links: Elementary - End-of-Year Process - Elementary June 2020; Secondary - End-of-Year Process - Secondary June 2020

Attendance for the period June 1, 2020 to the end of the school year has been entered for all elementary and secondary students.

Please be advised that attendance for all elementary and secondary students has been updated in PowerSchool - NO ACTION IS REQUIRED BY SCHOOLS. Attendance has been recorded as “G” with an attendance note referencing COVID-19 and distance learning. Please note, the following attendance codes if entered in PowerSchool will not be changed to a “G” code – SUS (suspension), C (contact), CSAL (contact SAL), MED (medical documentation on file) and N (non-instructional day).

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